Welcoming my new daughter

While watching the Lakers vs Celtics in game 7, my wife decides she is going to try to bring on the contractions and start the labor process. It’s the end of the first quarter and Jen is sitting on her exercise ball an starts to bounce hoping to put some things in motion. I jokingly (not really) tell her to stop until the END of the game.

At the end of the game she continues with whatever wives tales she can think of to go into labor. Around 1am I fall asleep, but was abruptly awoken @ 4am by my wife who was now having contractions and in pain. My task was to calm her down a bit and help her relax. A few hours later we arrived at the hospital and we were ready to go!

After being admitted and settling in our room we began to play the waiting game…….. after the epidural, and pitocin, we waited more…. and more….. It was now 9pm and it was evidently clear this baby did not want to come out. The Doctor & my wife agreed a “c” section was the only option.I was handed some hospital scrubs and told to suit up.

At 11:37 pm our beautiful baby girl was born. 8lbs 2oz, 20 3/4″ long. My little girl greeted this world not with the shrieking cries I expected but cooing. My little angel is finally here & I am so happy to meet her.

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