Is it time? No, False Alarm

We’ve had a few uneventful few days, until last night. Our night begins trying a new restaurant in Cambridge. During dinner, Jen tells me she has been felling a little different today. I ask “different how?” her response, “I’m not sure, just different”.  At this point my imagination is getting the best of me… Is she going into labor tonight? Will it happen at the restaurant? And the anxiety once again sets in.

After returning home, my wife begins to tell me she is getting pain in her tummy. I respond “No. I’m not ready”. She laughs and reminds me this is going to happen whether I’m ready or not.

Our night consisted of her getting pains, and me waking up asking are you OK? Neither of us got much sleep.

After awaking this morning, her pains were no longer there and she once again felt fine. I continued my normal routine and went to the office to put in a days work.

Will tonight be the night? We will soon know.

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