Welcoming my new daughter

While watching the Lakers vs Celtics in game 7, my wife decides she is going to try to bring on the contractions and start the labor process. It’s the end of the first quarter and Jen is sitting on her exercise ball an starts to bounce hoping to put some things in motion. I jokingly (not really) tell her to stop until the END of the game.

At the end of the game she continues with whatever wives tales she can think of to go into labor. Around 1am I fall asleep, but was abruptly awoken @ 4am by my wife who was now having contractions and in pain. My task was to calm her down a bit and help her relax. A few hours later we arrived at the hospital and we were ready to go!

After being admitted and settling in our room we began to play the waiting game…….. after the epidural, and pitocin, we waited more…. and more….. It was now 9pm and it was evidently clear this baby did not want to come out. The Doctor & my wife agreed a “c” section was the only option.I was handed some hospital scrubs and told to suit up.

At 11:37 pm our beautiful baby girl was born. 8lbs 2oz, 20 3/4″ long. My little girl greeted this world not with the shrieking cries I expected but cooing. My little angel is finally here & I am so happy to meet her.

An Eventful Day

Today we had a checkup appointment with the Doctor.  I hadn’t been with Jen to the Drs office sine we found out we were having a little girl at 20 weeks. We had a few tests today, ultrasound, non-stress test, & a Doctor consult.

Everything looked great. The ultrasound wasfine, the non-stress test went well and we now had a plan with the Doctor. The Doctor told us she expected Jen to go into labor within 24 hours if now we would be scheduled for Sunday (Fathers Day).

I had a few errands to run after our appointment and Jen came along.  When we arrived home, only seconds after pulling into the driveway Jen tells me she thinks her water broke. I thought she was joking, (why else would she still be sitting in my truck while parked in the drive way), I leaned over and gave her a  slight nudge to prompt her to move out of my truck.

We called the hospital, and made our way to deliver our daughter. After several houra at the hospital including a 90 minute walk around the corridors of the birthing place, it was determined that her water did not break and sent us home.

All in all it was an eventful day but we have an end in sight.

Still Anxiously Awaiting

So here we find ourselves, 4 days past the “due” date, and still no baby. Several times a day I am offered suggestions on how to “speed things along”. I believe when our baby is ready to come out she will. In the mean time, sleep is minimal, and I’m not expecting to get any for a couple months.

We have our next appointment to meet with the Doctor on Wednesday (3 days away). I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed so we don’t have to wait that long.

Is it time? No, False Alarm

We’ve had a few uneventful few days, until last night. Our night begins trying a new restaurant in Cambridge. During dinner, Jen tells me she has been felling a little different today. I ask “different how?” her response, “I’m not sure, just different”.  At this point my imagination is getting the best of me… Is she going into labor tonight? Will it happen at the restaurant? And the anxiety once again sets in.

After returning home, my wife begins to tell me she is getting pain in her tummy. I respond “No. I’m not ready”. She laughs and reminds me this is going to happen whether I’m ready or not.

Our night consisted of her getting pains, and me waking up asking are you OK? Neither of us got much sleep.

After awaking this morning, her pains were no longer there and she once again felt fine. I continued my normal routine and went to the office to put in a days work.

Will tonight be the night? We will soon know.

Is This “The” Call?

With only 10 days to the “due date”, I find myself very jumpy every time I hear my cell phone ring. I always check caller ID to see if I recognize the number, and after confirming the call is not my wife, my anxiety subsides.

Recently, the love of my life has been calling me for little things versus the normal text message (I think she is testing me). This morning I look at my ringing cell phone and see it’s her calling me, I immediately answer with anticipation of having to dart out of the office and head home… alas no, it was a false alarm.

I suppose my having to deal with these little instances of stress is tollerable since I am not the one who will have to go through the labor & delivery of our new child. 🙂

A New Beginning

A brief introduction… my name is Joe, I like to think of myself as a typical guy, I like sports, beer, and enjoying quality time on my couch.

My wife is pregnant with our first child. A little girl. We are less than 2 weeks away from her “due date”, and my anxiety is getting the best of me. My friends & co-workers laugh at how nervous I am & tell me I have nothing to worry about (ya right).